Early 19th Century Patent Telescope & Compass Cane (c.1840)

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Truly a  superb telescope and compass gadget cane. The tortoiseshell pommel unscrews to reveal a compass.



Superb early 19th Century two Drawer Gadget Walking Stick
Two Drawer Early 19th Century Gadget Cane

A telescope gadget cane that appears to have been used and cherished,

Early Victorian Two Drawer Gadget Walking Stick

Unsuspecting two drawer telescope,tortoiseshell pommel, shagreen length mounted on a glossy, nutty brown, high ridge, full bark Malacca.

 Base metal ferrule and brass side eyelets.

 Tortoiseshell Pommel with insert compass

The tortoiseshell pommel unscrews to reveal the compass.

Early Victorian Telescope Gadget Walking Stick

Patent held within the shagreen

Two Drawer Telescope Gadget Walking Cane


The cane is in superb condition yet show appropriate wear for age


87.5 cm

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