Broadhurst, Clarkson & co Optical Lens Gadget Cane

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A superb working  gadget walking cane. Optical lens by Broadhurst,Clarkson & co London EC

A very unique gadget walking stick-NOW SOLD
Lense Gadget Walking Stick

Optical lens Broadhurst,Clarkson & co London EC.

The side of the lense is embossed with Broadhurst,Clarkson & co EC. The lens holds 3 strength levels 40x ,50x and 60x. Level altered with screw adjustment.

Pommel walking stick  containing a hidden secret
A gadget cane likely designed for every day use rather than novelty. First appearance suggest a wooden pommel with deep brass collar mounted on black shaft.
Hidden secret held within the pommel
The pommel is removed by a simple pull action

Hidden within the secret compartment of the walking cane, the lens is held

Broadhurst, Clarkson & co Optical Lens Gadget Cane


Throughout the cane and lens is in good condition without breaks or damage. However, the shaft of the cane has been painted rather than lacquered and polished.

Length: 95 cm

A superb working gadget cane.