Unusual Grabber Gadget Walking Stick c.1920

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The great thing about gadget canes that sometimes you have to evaluate the reasoning behind the gadget design. This is one of those canes.

The upper section of the cane in a crook handle form. This going to a wider semi circular form and then straightening. This two semi circular section fits comfortably into your hands and make the opening and closing of the shaft easy.

The lower two shaft section  holds two block ended, ribbed sections at the bottom, likely for grabbing something and not allowing it to slip. Up from this, is a brass width defined brace together with a higher hook and eyes.

All this suggestd, this gadget cane has the availability of being used as a normal waling stick with the added advantaging of being able to grab items that the owner wishes to retrieve. Possibly, an early disability aid or possibly an aid to retrieve books or manuscripts, from hard to reach places.

If anyone knows please let us know!


Good condition throughout without breaks or damage.