The Street Smart Hare - 925 Silver Collector's Walking Cane

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The unusual collectors cane in the form of the street smart hare with cap and dickie bow

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Superb study of hare caricature in silver walking stick

Completed  in  925 purity  silver and  hallmarked according to the precious metals regulations within Europe.

Mounted on a beautiful glossy black  hardwood shaft, ending in a fixed bullet nose  brass ferrule.

Dimensions: Length 92 cm


The  highly detailed  bone and resin study. The 92.5% silver then applied over the bone and resin  to produce an exquisite finish.

 These canes are made with 92.5% pure silver. The process to make these canes gives them the name R925. The R stands for Rivestito, Italian for covered which make up the stamped hallmark on the cane


This cane is designed for collection or dress use and should not be used as an every day  support / disability aid. The study is prone to  damaged if dropped.