Ceremonial Freemason's Sword Gadget Cane

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Early 20th Century Freemason's ceremonial sword gadget cane.

On first appearance the cane shows no sign of it's hidden secret.

The brass pommel unlocks from the single locking pin. Inside the cane the top of the sword can be viewed. The length of the sword on being pulled out  reveals the blade of the sword is encased in a leather ceremonial scabbard. The hand guard  carried separately.

To fit the hand guard the top of the  sword unscrews allowing the palm grip to be removed, The hand guard then fits snugly onto the sword.


Overall the cane is in excellent condition for age with appropriate wear for age. The blade length holding decorative etching which is not fully crisp.

The leather on the scabbard is free from tears but does show wear.

The brass gadget cane pommel does hold a few minor digs.

Examples of this cane can be found in Catherine Dyke- Cane Curiosa.

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Ceremonial Freemason's Sword Gadget Cane
Cased Cerimonial Freemason's Sword Stick

Sword arrives on wooden cane shaft with brass pommel. Believe brass  guard should fit within case - but never yet managed it!

Freemasons Sword Stick Revealed

Remove the bass pommel to reveal the pommel and grip of  the sword stick


The pommel of the sword stick unscrew to allow the grip to be removed. The blade length can remain in the leather and brass sheath.

Assembled  Sword

The guard fits seamlessly,followed by the pommel. The sword is assembled.

Acid Etched Blade Length

Leather Sheath at the top-minor wear. Blade Length acid etched on both sides

Brass Decoration on leather sheath

Brass decoration to leather sheath.

freemasons sword stick

From left:base of case,base of sword & base sheath