Pit Bating Cane c.1830

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A very unique, rare and unusual cane. A cane very much a part of one of the most unacceptable  practices within the UK's social history.

Cork wood length cane with a mount of a carved rosewood head of a bull terrier. The cane used as a tool to reach and receive the bets from the crowds for the impending dog fight.  The wording on the back of the dogs head reading: 'Guineas only Master'.

To remove the coins, the user would have turned the head around, pulled upwards the nose of the dog and pulled the button on the lower lip of the dog.The guineas would have fallen from the vessel within the dogs mouth.

The cane holds a white metal collar, currently untested for silver with the letters TAS. Below the collar a band of pinned leather.

The glass eyes are evidently original and hand made.

The base of the cane finished with the original base brass ferrule.


Superb original condition, free from breaks yet showing appropriate wear for age.

Length:90 cm