Rosewood Lyre Thumb Stick On Red Chestnut Shaft

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A very classy slant on a thumb stick.  A great  companion on that lovely walk in the country

Stylish and colourful thumb stick to use,display or gift
Rosewood Lyre Thumb Stick

Hand made stylish rosewood  thumb stick. .

The rosewood lyre mounted on a chestnut shaft, which has been stripped and  stained to a deep red.

The cane arrives with a fitted  nickel plated collar ,and base rubber ferrule.

Rosewood Lyle Thumb Stick on Stained Blue Chestnut Shaf

You have the availability to customise the cane to your own requirements.

Possibly you would prefer a spike and rubber ferrule.  Alternatively, you may like a metal base ferrule.

 Don't forget to select the length you require the cane to be.