The surprising secrets of gadget/systems walking sticks

Gadget / Systems Walking Canes

Here are a few of our old, vintage collectors walking sticks, gadget  and systems canes. .

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Magicians Table Gadget Walking Stick


Tippling Gadget Walking Cane c.1920


American Early 20th Century Folding Walking Stick


Silver Cheroot Cutter On Boar Tusk-Birmingham 1916


Parakeet Articulated / Glove Holder Walking Cane c.1910


Kennels/ Beagles leash & whistle cane by BLACKWELL'S PATENT. c.1890


Edwardian Orchard Gadget Walking Stick


Early 20th Century Brass Leaver Walking Stick


Victorian wine & beer Measure Gadget Walking Stick


Carved Wood Articulated Boston Terrier Dog Head Gadget Cane - c.1890


Smart Edwardian Bamboo Slim Line Bookies Pencil Gadget Walking Stick-London 1904


Ivory & Silver Pen Holder Cane ( London 1923 )


Dog Head Glove Holder Walking Gadget Walking Stick


Very Chunky Stag Horn Crop Handle Sword Stick -Birmingham 1912


Unusual Grabber Gadget Walking Stick c.1920


Superb Country Snuff Case on Rosewood Shaft c.1920


Horn on Malacca Petrol Lighter c.1920


Victorian Ivory & Silver Floating Compass Gadget Cane ( c.1890)


Early Victorian Snuff Box on Bamboo Shaft c.1860


The Doorman's Whistle Gadget Cane


Late Victorian Customs Sack Scoop-Spear Sack


Early 19th Century Patent Telescope & Compass Cane (c.1840)


Ivory Compass Gadget Cane (c.1890)


18th Century Mughal Indian Sword Stick


Military Dress Parade Step Cane (c.1900)

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