Animal headed walking sticks & canes
Animal headed walking sticks & canes

Animal Head Walking Canes

Animal & reptile Walking Canes or walking stick tops have been evident for centuries. Formed from wood  to elaborate works of art in bone, horn, ivory, silver, gold

Animal headed walking canes are ideal for collection, light usage or display. Alternatively a unique gift for the animal lover.

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The Two Faces The Lion And The Man


The Ivorine Cat With Glass Eyes On Glossy Black Shaft


The Little Fox


Brown Hare Mounted On Hardwood Shaft


The Street Smart Hare - 925 Silver Collector's Walking Cane


The Silver Crocodile Collector's Cane


Italian Silver Plated Elephant


The Transparent Cool Monkey Collector's Cane - 925 Sterling Silver Collector's Cane

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