Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are all the sticks suitable as disability aids?

A. Our range of walking sticks are for the 'light user'  and 'collector'. None of our walking sticks are designed to be used as a heavy duty disability aid.


Q. How long does it take before my stick is delivered?

A. All sticks purchased with free delivery (UK) are dispatched within 24 hours by  courier  Monday to Friday. Therefore, arrival is between 3 - 5 working days depending on how fast the courier  system is working.  Please note, we do provide a Next Day Delivery Service. However, the order and payment needs to arrive to us no later than 10.00 am for dispatch the same day.

Q. Do you have all the sticks in stock?

A. Yes, all our sticks are in stock. However, if you require large quantities of one particular stick - just contact us by mail or phone to check. We do turn over a large amount of stock on a daily basis so stock levels change.


Q. I am a collector of walking sticks can you find a particular stick for me?

A. We cannot guarantee that we can find a particular stick - but we will try very hard for you. We do need full details of what you require and your budget. Once we find a stick that matches your requirements we will provide you with details- then it's up to you.


Q. I am having problems making payment through pay pal- what should I do?

A. Please call us on 01472 851430  - so give us a ring and we will be more than happy to help in sorting out a payment difficulty or any other problem. Many times we are working  in the warehouse so no land line answer then please call us on 07731 688204.


Q. I bought a Derby Cane for my mother  but she does not like the style- can I send it back?

A. No problem. Just send the stick back to us and we will refund you the purchase price. However, please note, it is your responsibility for the safe return and the cost of such. Please just drop us a line to let us know the stick is returning.


Q. My stick has arrived but I would like to return it for a differing style - can I do this?

A. No problem. Please contact us by phone or email and let us know the details of your order and the walking stick you wish to exchange with- there will be a nominal fee levied to cover the second delivery. However, please note it is your responsibility for the safe return of the non required items and the cost of such.


Q. I live in the USA  can I send a money order?

A. Unfortunately, we do not accept money orders or cash through the postal system. For International purchases we only accept Pay pal or International Bank Transfers in Sterling. Where the order exceeds £80.00 the buyer's address must be confirmed, otherwise we will reject the order and payment. Please contact us should you have any enquiries  on International payment


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