Frenchie Dog Head Walking Stick

Antique Bird & Animal Head Walking Sticks

Where birds,dogs,animals adorn a walking cane they are described as 'novelty walking sticks'. The canes displayed, arrive in a range of materials and constructs. Superb old and antique canes ready for that special display, collection or gift.

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Heavy Victorian Silver Plated Dog Head Walking Stick


Late Georgian Early Victorian Carved One Length Evolution Walking Stick


Victorian Folk Cane of a Monkey Head With Glass Eyes c.1890


Hand Carved Study Of A Dog Head : London 1885


Heavy Victorian Scottish Lion Crop Handle


Branch Handle Walking Stick with Enamelled Dog's Head c.1910


Superb Edwardian Fruit wood Carving of A French Bull Dog c.1905


Black Forest Carved German Shepherd Walking Stick London 1904


Dog Head Crook Handle On Briar Shaft Walking Stick . c.1910


The Most Adorable Victorian Boston Terrier Walking Stick On Malacca c. 1900


Very Large Edwardian French Bulldog Walking Stick Birmingham 1901


Large Deco Crook Handle Walking Stick With Resin Dog Head Walking Stick


Victorian Black Forest Carving of Two Terriers Bulldog Walking Sticks c.1900


Entwined Carved Snake Walking Stick


The Carved Little Bird on Bamboo Country Cane c.1920


Beautiful Slim Line Study of a Duck c.1900


Victorian Ivory Dog Head c.1880


Superb Carved Dog German Shepherd- Head Walking Cane c.1910


Victorian Carved Horn Greyhound On Bamboo c.1860 (G1)


Carved Study of a Dog on Rosewood Birmingham 1904


The Little Cat Walking Stick (c.1910)


Carved Boxwood Study of a Cat Novelty Walking Stick c.1930


Slim Line Parrot Head Walking Stick on Slim Line Step Bamboo c.1900


Roaring Tiger Crook Handle With Silver Collar c.1900


Slim Line Dark Horn Carved Greyhound on Congo Wood c.1900

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