Silver & White Metal Walking Stick

Antique - Old- Precious & Soft Metal Walking Sticks & Canes

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An old or antique walking stick with a precious metal top made from silver or gold is a treat to behold. But don't forget the less valuable metals, produce a stunning effect on a walking stick

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Silver Horse Hoof Cook Handle Walking Stick c.1920


Indian Colonial Solid Silver Pommel On Black Shaft Walking Stick c.1900


19th Century Silver Pommel Walking Stick With Lower Band-1894


Hallmarked Silver Pommel On Black Shaft-London 1869 Brigg


Early 20th Century Large Kutch Indian Silver Pommel On Black Shaft


Heavy Victorian Silver Plated Dog Head Walking Stick


Weighted White Metal Pommel On Stripped Bamboo


Madras Indian Silver Slim Line Pommel Black Hardwood Shaft c.1890 (M1)


Silver Deco Pommel on Palmira c.1920


Partridge Wood Crook Handle Walking Stick With Silver Mounts Birmingham 1907


Heavy Victorian Scottish Lion Crop Handle


Superb Slim Line Indian Silver on Rosewood c.1910


19th Century Indian Silver Pommel On Malacca Shaft c.1880


Victorian Silver Plated Cherub Walking Stick- Birmingham 1901


Oriental Silver Pommel On Malacca Walking Stick c.1880


Large Chinese Early 20th Century Fist & Bar Walking Stick


Superb Slim Line Chinese Silver Walking Stick c.1900


Unusual Vintage Face In Silver Pommel Walking Stick - Birmingham 1981


Early Victorian Silver Plated Pommel on Malacca Shaft Walking Stick c.1850


Slim Line Indian Silver Tall Swagger Walking Stick


Slim Line Indian Silver Pommel on Black Hardwood Shaft c.1900


Step Bamboo Crop Handle with Pinchbeck Mounts c.1910


Chinese Silver Pommel On Malacca c.1880


19th Century Silver Pommel Walking Stick With Lower Band-1894


Copy of Silver Horse Hoof Cook Handle Walking Stick c.1920

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