Ceremonial Freemason's Sword Gadget Cane


Doorman's Whistle Crook Cane With Carved Dog Head c.1910


The Doorman's Whistle Gadget Cane


Customs Sack Scoop


Details Arriving Shortly


Early 19th Century Patent Telescope & Compass Cane (c.1840)


Ivory & Silver Pen Holder Cane ( London 1923 )


Ivory Compass Gadget Cane (c.1890)


18th Century Mughal Indian Sword Stick


Military Dress Parade Step Cane (c.1900)


Petrol Lighter Gadget Cane (Birmingham 1930)


Racing or Bookies Pencil Cane (Brigg of London 1923)


Sack Spear Stick


Semi Automatic Petrol Lighter Gadget Cane c.1920


Silver Pommel Alcohol Rule Measuring Cane Made by J Long London (London 1912)


Victorian French Bulldog Articulated Glove Holder Walking Stick c.1880


Royal Malta Militia Dress Sword Stick


Victorian Ivory & Silver Floating Compass Gadget Cane ( c.1890)

Credit Card Badges