Antique & Old Wood Based Walking Canes


Folk Cane Carved Face c.1920


Carved Hardwood Character Cane c. 1810


Root Ball & Bone Skull Folk Cane c.1920


Large Chunky Horn Crook With Gold Plated Collar c.1940


Superb Carved Figural Head of Two Faces of Man c.1890


Wood Sample Collector’s Cane (c1920)


Victorian Folk Cane Hooded Face


Victorian From Kilkenny Folk Cane c.1880


Large Marquetry Pommel on Horn Segmented Shaft c.1900


Victorian Specimen Wood Cane with Carved Ivory Handle with Shield Shaped Cartouche (c.1880 )


Deco Crook With White Metal Mounts


Slim Line Marquetry Pommel With Bone Inlay c.1910


Marquetry Pommel on Oak Shaft c.1920 (m2)

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