Scotties Walking Sticks

Fashion Canes

Fashion Walking sticks canes are a functional item. But there is no reason why a walking cane should be dull and uninteresting. With our fashion canes it should be possible to match a walking stick  to every outfit in the wardrobe.


The most popular design being the 'Derby' cane. Favoured  by Lord Derby, the walking cane can be hooked over the arm when not in use, together with being comfortable and elegant in appearance

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Black & White Derby Cane on Black Beech Shaft 60BW


Olive Wood Carved Bird Head - S 956


Silver Plated Dog Head On Branch Handle On Black Shaft Walking Stick - 863


Ladies Black Derby With Nickel Collar - 3226


Chrome Patterned Crutch Handle On Black Hardwood Shaft ( 3553)


Marbled Grey Derby Barley Twist Turned Shaft - 426


Pink Acrylic Derby Modern - 5103D


Acrylic Derby Black and White - 5103E


EMERALD Acrylic Derby Modern - 5103G


GARNET Acrylic Derby Modern - 5103H


Candy Red,White & Blue Derby- 5114


Derby Bijoux Burgundy Walking Stick - 137


Derby Bijoux Brown Walking Stick-138


Derby With Horn Inlay on Black Shaft


Black Derby Bijoux Walking Cane - 136


Shades of Grey Marbled Acrylic Branch Handle Cane - 407


Shades of Pink Marbled Acrylic Branch Handle Cane - 4014


Shades of Cream & Beige Marbled Acrylic Branch Handle Cane - 4015


Shades of Cerise & Black Marbled Acrylic Branch Handle Cane - 4016


Shades of Blue & Grey Marbled Acrylic Branch Handle Cane - 4020