Ladies Folding Walking Canes

Folding  walking sticks and canes are one of the great practical inventions of modern times. Folding walking sticks that are light weight, adjustable and easy to fold and pack away into a bag or store in the car.

Snazzy Black Dots & Daisys Folding Adjustable Cane - 4646J


Colour Circles Adjustable Folding Walking Stick -4646K


Petite Violet & Pink Floral Folding Cane - 4616N


Petite folding cane, blush pink floral- 4616M


The Summer Fruits Pattern Handbag Size Folding Walking Stick-91F


Elite Garden Flowers Floral Adjustable Folding Walking Stick - 5003J


Handbag Summer Fruits Pattern Folding Stick with Wrist Loop- 80F


Red and White Polkadots Sassy Folding Walking Stick- 4823A


Black Floral Handbag Adjustable Folding Walking Stick-4811A


Green Floral Handbag Adjustable Folding Walking Stick-4811C


Tapestry Folding Adjustable Walking Stick 4646B


Stained Glass Pattern Adjustable Folding Derby-4646C


Black With Multicoloured Polkadots Folding Walking Stick- 4823B

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